Susan has over 40 years experience in dealing with animals from German Shepherds to Great Danes and Thoroughbreds to Quarter Horses. She has always had an “intuitive” feel for her animals and often seemed to just “know” things about them. Susan belonged to the Gold Creek Cavalry where she and her horse participated in drills, parades camp outs and trail rides. She later showed horses on the “A” Hunter/Jumper circuit in the Adult Amateur and Amateur Owner divisions.. Riding with such luminaries as Brad Laird and John Bauman. She has also successfully shown German Shepherd dogs in the confirmation show ring.

She began this particular journey when she lost her mare to laminitis.a very painful disease of the hoof. Another of her horses was misdiagnosed with Insulin Resistance much like diabetes in humans Over the next few years and many unproductive vet bills, it was discovered that he did not have this disease at all. Having him on a good nutritious diet, lots of turnout, proper exercise, body and energy work were the keys to keeping him healthy and happy. Susan was drawn to learning much more about nutrition both for animals and people.

After completing Joan Ranquet’s Communication with All Life University Program as well as Dr. Regan Golob’s “Where Have All the Horsemen Gone”, Bio Analysis class, Susan has put all this knowledge and her intuition together in order to communicate with you and your animal regarding nutritional deficiencies, possible behavior problems, injuries or other issues. Susan uses various energy healing techniques such as the Scalar wave and Healing Touch for Animals. She also uses Dynamite Specialty Products in her practice as well as Organa Gold coffee with Ganoderm. Dynamite has vitamins/supplements and feeds for you, your horse, dog, cat or bird or other animal.

Susan also spent many years in the business world. She was vice-president and treasurer of an asbestos abatement company and owned her own painting company for over 15 years completing many projects including the flagship Nordstrom store in Bellevue square.

Throughout her life, Susan has never been without an animal of some sort. At one point she owned 12 horses. Working in the painting and construction industry was the means of supporting all her animals. Susan is finally realizing her lifelong dream of being able to work directly with animals in a wonderful and unique way.

Susan is a graduate of West Seattle High school as well as Auerswald’s business school also in Seattle and is now also involved in WAHSET and is in the Teacher Trainer program with CWALU.