Animal Communication

All humans were born with the ability to communicate telepathically. As we grow older we become accustomed to using verbal communication and lose touch with the telepathic side or at least allow it to become very rusty.

If your beloved pet has passed, wouldn’t you like to know that it’s really fine and doing well? Maybe there is something your pet needs to say to you? Living or not.

When I “talk” to an animal, I may ask a question about how it’s feeling or what could be bothering it. If it’s in pain, I may get a feeling on my body that corresponds with the animal. The animal communicates to me with a feeling or a picture.

I “talked” to a dog that had bladder issues. The owner did not know what was wrong with the dog. I got the sense that it was a problem with his bladder. She took him to the vet and that was exactly what was wrong with him.

I once talked to a pony with half an ear. His person is a very young girl and I knew she would be curious about what happened to his ear. His answer was that what happened didn’t matter. It made him different and unique.

I “talked” to a cat that was having difficulty with his “buddy” passing. He had been quite upset until we talked.

I had a visit from a cat that had passed on the day her person was putting out a gravestone for her and scattering her ashes in a corner of the garden. She was quite happy with what her owner had decided to do.

Animal communication can really help with other problems as well. I have had horses say that they are having trouble getting accustomed to a new riders balance or they are working through an issue with the riders “aids”.

I also help with lost animals.  If you’ve ever lost a pet, you know this is the most difficult time of all. 

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