• Hi all, wanted to share the incredible work Sue Hamilton does for animals. She saw my sister's horse, Banjo, over a week ago and reports are that he is still doing very well, "back to his ol' self"! Banjo was acting sore, not moving well, and not interested in food as much. After Sue worked w/ him, he ran off, tail in the air, and jumped a ditch! My sister says he's got the sparkle back in his eyes and eargerly waits for his meals. Thank you Sue Hamilton!!!
    Jane - Bellevue
  • I had been having issues with my dog – I knew something was wrong but wasn’t exactly sure what. Susan correctly diagnosed a bladder issue and directed me to the nearest veterinarian. The vet was amazed at how bad his bladder was. It saved me time and money in missed diagnoses.
    KK – Seattle 2011
  • I have been looking for a paint/pinto horse for my family for some time. I found one on Dreamhorse.com that I was interested in. Knowing that Susan does animal communication, I asked her to check out the horse for me. What she said saved me time, money and most importantly a really inappropriate horse for my children and my husband. I am so grateful for what she told me may have saved their lives. I ask her about every horse I am looking at. She has been extremely helpful to my search and has gone to different farms and even the vet with me. She has been a great help to me.
    CY, Eastern, WA 2010